Building a scalable
digital platform

We are a business group with diverse interests and lead the way where we work.

"Savitri Group has a history of innovation and technological advancement spanning over two decades."

We are a business group with diverse interests and lead the way where we work. We integrate strategy, design, technology and talent to provide high impact solutions to our customers across the business life cycles.

In the past 20+ years, the Group has expanded and diversified its businesses with significant contributions to society and industry and its business verticals collectively drive the organization’s vision. Each vertical strives for consistent improvement in their fields to stay customer focused. Our 1600+ workforce has a commitment to fulfil towards the customer and towards the community where we operate. As a team we are committed to propel the medium of communication on a faster lane and possibly to  every corner. Savitri Group has come a long journey since we started way back in 1999.

The company was formed with a purpose to create more employment opportunities in society and to provide business solutions to the industry. Savitri Group today operates globally for a wide range of products, services and solutions in the field of IT, Telecommunication, Retail, Power, E-Commerce and Education. Over the past two decades, Savitri Group has matched the speed at which the communication revolution has shaped up in the country.

We pledge to keep the remarkable pace to fuel the growth and to fulfil the aspirations of technological advancement of the masses.